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  • Aalto Science Institute
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The Aalto Science Institute is an interdisciplinary research initiative hosted by the Aalto University School of Science to advance and foster international collaboration and research at the highest level across the fields of science.

Current in AScI

Aug 20 - Speaker Prof. Yutaka Ohno (Nagoya University, Japan); Title: Flexible Electronics Applications of Carbon nanotube thin film

Aug 27 - Speaker Prof. Marine Minier (CITI Lab./ INSA de Lyon, France);Title: Some Integral properties of Rijndael (AES and brothers) and Groestl-512

Place: TUAS building, Otaniementie 17, AScI premises 3rd floor, use the elevator in the TUAS lounge to AScI lounge 3161 (street side open office space)

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