Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the most common questions & answers below before contacting AScI.

General info on AScI internship can be found here, and instructions on how to apply can be found here

  • When are the results of selection known?
    - By early March 2018. Your application will not be processed any quicker if you contact AScI. See also the next two questions & answers.
  • How long can I expect to wait for an answer to a question that I've asked by email?
    - AScI has one part-time coordinator who works one day per week. Therefore, you must wait at least one week before resending your question. All questions will be answered in due course. We ask that you familiarize yourself with all the materials on this website before you ask a question. Please note that we receive hundreds of applications and deal with a very large volume of inquiries around the opening time of the application form, and it is important to identify yourself properly in your email. AScI will not correspond with abusive or vexatious applicants.
  • My holidays are from the first week of May until the end of July. I'll be able to stay until the first week of August. Am I eligible to apply for an AScI Internship?
    - In principle, you should be eligible to apply, however please note that AScI will not be able to help with accommodation during May (student dorms are used by our local students then). You would have to organize the accommodation for yourself in May independently, using private market options (these include hotels, hostels, AirBnB etc.) Your hosting department may be able to help but you can expect to pay more for accommodation in May. The majority of interns will arrive in June so any coordinated activities for the intern group wouldn’t start until then; you would have to be self-guided and rely on help from your hosting department. Similarly, you would miss out on any activities in August. Results of the selection should be known by early March (all will be released at the same time, and we don't make exceptions for any reason). If this sounds acceptable to you, please send in your application.
  • My academic referee prefers to send the reference letter to AScI directly. How should I indicate this on the online application form?
    - You should write a brief statement to the effect that the academic referee will send the reference letter to AScI directly (in that case, we prefer to receive the letter as a PDF attachment file from the academic referee's official university email address). If possible, please name the referee(s) who will contact us. Attach your statement (e.g. Word or PDF file) to the "Reference letter" tab on the online application form. It is important that the academic referee sends the letter of reference to us before the application deadline. We reserve the right not to process applications that are not supported by a letter of reference from an academic who knows your academic record.
  • Is the summer internship offered by Aalto University Science Institute only restricted to BSc students or there is a possibility for MSc students to join? I'm a student at the University of Eastern Finland.
    - AScI internship programme is intended for international students who have not yet received their Master’s degree and have not yet been in Finland as students. In previous years, some interns have done the internship just before getting their Master’s degree.
  • I am a student at San Francisco State University and I am going to be applying for an AScI internship. My school does not provide official transcripts in any electronic format so I will be mailing mine in. Do I send them to your address:
    Aalto Science Institute,
    PO Box 11100 (street Otakaari 1 F, Espoo),
    FI-00076 Aalto, Finland, Europe  

    - Yes, please do use this address to send in the transcript. However, we would much prefer receiving a scanned copy of your transcript by email (asci [at] aalto [dot] fi).
  • My transcript is in Vietnamese, but a transcript in English is required. I want to know if I can submit an English transcript translated by myself, attached to an original Vietnamese transcript. If no, should I submit the English transcript notarized by my university or Notary Public?
    - We will accept your English translation if attached to the original transcript. 
  • What specifically needs to be attached for the "A copy of passport or ID card"? Would a driver licence or university ID card work, or is a passport photo needed?
    - Driving licence or university ID are both fine. They can be scanned or photographed. The preferred file format is PDF, but we do accept other formats as well. If you are selected as one of the interns, then our HR department needs to take a photocopy of your passport on your arrival at Aalto.
  • If I'm selected as an intern what are the things I have to consider when coming to Finland and Aalto University, e.g. visa, taxation etc.?
    - A short relocation info sheet has been prepared for the selected interns, you can look at it here: Relocation info for AScI interns

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