"Aalto Science Institute helped me develop new skills"

Around 170 persons applied for an internship in 2015 but only 13 got one. Terah Hennick and Bai Wang were two of them.

Both were studying at the University of Wisconsin. Hennick studied biomedical engineering and Wang studied Applied Math Engineering and Physics. They heard of the internship programme through peers who had participated earlier. Hennick was, as a matter of fact, on an exchange in Finland when she applied.

-  I wanted to continue my studies here and also develop my computer science and programming abilities through a project that interested me.


Terah Hennick learned a lot about machine learning.

Hennick participated for example in a study regarding EEG experiments with participants, where she visualized the brain's response to incorrect and correct text predictions on the computer. This information has the potential to improve human interactions with predictive text systems, such as T9, using neurophysiological measurements and machine-learning.

-  I have learned tons about machine learning. Some researches sounded like sci-fi to me before my internship.

Wang got the opportunity to work with measuring, something he has wanted to do for some time.

-  I witnessed and participated in the whole process of taking measurement, analyzing data and drawing conclusions.

-  A reason for me to come to Finland was partly because this was a paid internship. I got the chance to travel around and get to know new cultures. I had never been to Europe before.


The short distances in Europe made it possible for Wang to travel a lot.

The internship is now over and the interns are back home.

- I’m applying to the medical school so I’m going to study for the test, Hennick says.

Wang is going to continue with his studies and apply to the grad school.

-  Finland has brought out the fun side of me. I hope I can continue travelling, Wang says.



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