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Bus tickets

It is recommended to buy a weekly transportation ticket "Region". Region means that it covers regions Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo. The airport is located in Vantaa and the university is located in Espoo, so they are not covered by the Helsinki transportation ticket. 7 days "Region" transportation ticket costs 48 euros. It can be purchased from the blue HSL machine located at the entrance of the train station on the arrivals floor in the airport. Choose "Day ticket" -> "Region Adult" -> "7 day". There are ticket machines also on the platforms, but multiple day tickets are available only from the blue machine. A single "Region" ticket costs 5.5 euros and can be purchased from the bus driver. More information about public transportation tickets and fares is available at https://www.hsl.fi/en/tickets-and-fares.

Taking buses

To take a bus in a bus stop (besides in Kamppi where all buses stop at corresponding platforms) it is necessary to raise your hand - otherwise buses do not stop. To get off a bus it is necessary to press the stop button. Again, otherwise buses do not stop. One has to enter a bus from the front door and show a bus ticket to the bus driver.

From Helsinki Airport to the city center

The most convenient way to travel from Helsinki Airport to the city center is to use the trains P and I that leave directly from the airport. The train station is located on the arrivals floor, between the terminals 1 and 2. The trains to Helsinki city center take about half an hour.

From Helsinki city center to Töölö Towers

Tram number 2 stops in front of the main train station (this is where the trains P and I arrive). Take the tram on the side of the train station and get off at Apollonkatu (10 minutes ride). Töölö Towers is about 200m from the tram stop. Many buses also stop at Apollonkatu, for example 14, 18, 39, 41, 42, 45, 69 and 195.

From Helsinki Airport to Radisson Espoo

Travelling from Helsinki Airport to Radisson Espoo is somewhat complicated. The easiest option is to take a taxi (~50 euros). An alternative is to travel to the city center as described above, then either walk or go by subway to Kamppi (one stop from the railway station) and finally take bus 102, 102T, 103 or 103T from platforms 41 and 42. Get off at Otakallio bus stop. Radisson Espoo is about 5 minutes walk from the bus stop. Another and faster alternative is to take the bus number 540 from the airport until the bus stop Leppävaara and then the bus number 510 to Dipoli, but this option is available only once every hour.

From Helsinki city center to the university

The most convenient option for travelling from Töölö Towers to the university is by buses 194 and 195, get off at Alvar Aallon puisto. The travel takes about half an hour. The most convenient way for travelling from Helsinki city center to the university is by buses 102, 102T, 103, 103T, get off at Alvar Aallon puisto. 102 and 103 take about 15 minutes; 102T and 103T take about 25 minutes. The buses 102 and 103 do not run throughout the day. The buses leave inside the Kamppi shopping center from platforms 41 and 42.

From Alvar Aallon puisto bus stop to Otakaari 1

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 19.05.42.png

From Radisson Espoo to the university

Radisson to university.png

Töölö Towers

If you are staying at Töölö Towers, then breakfast is included in your accommodation. Breakfast is available Mo-Fr 7:00-10:00 and Sa-Su 8:00-10:30. Töölö Towers has one kitchen on every floor. For more information see http://www.unihome.fi/unihome-for-academics/toolon-tornit/toolo-towers.html.


The largest supermarket chains in Finland are Alepa, K-Citymarket and Lidl. All three can be found at the ground floor in Kamppi. There is a small supermarket near Töölö Towers, next to Apollokatu bus stop.


There is a lunch cafeteria Alvari in the same building with lectures. A lunch menu costs 6.70 euros and includes a main course, salad, bread and one drink. Every day there is at least one vegetarian option. Menu is available at http://www.amica.fi/en/restaurants/ravintolat-kaupungeittain/espoo/alvari/.


If you have an eduroam account from your university, then you can use this to connect to the Internet in Otakaari 1. An alternative is to use aalto open. No password is required for aalto open.

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