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Aalto Science Institute supports the exploration of science by providing a platform to organise thematic Science Factories for addressing challenging, often multi-disciplinary scientific problems. These events range from workshops to small conferences and research programmes that gather together a limited number of scientists to work on a focused topic. They are aimed at international and Aalto scientists to meet and focus on timely and novel themes of modern research.

Proposals to organise Science Factories are welcomed (predominantly) from the Aalto University School of Science faculty and their collaborators.

Based on applications by the 31st March 2014 AScI will decide to support 2-3 Science Factories in 2014. 

The institute solicits applications, which should provide the following information:

  • Title of the proposed Science Factory
  • Supporting Aalto faculty member(s)
  • Preliminary location and dates
  • Expected number of participants, distribution into grad students/postdocs/senior researchers, Finnish/international
  • List of candidate speakers/other invitees, if applicable
  • Budget summary, including expenses and expected financial support.
  • Brief summary of the scientific background
  • Brief summary of how the proposed Factory supports the research strategy of the hosting department(s)

Science Factory form (located in Aalto University Intranet)

Further information is available from AScI Executive Committee members.


Organizing Professors/  Researcher

First five Science Factories in 2014

Cordian Riener

Real algebraic geometry and its applications

Aalto University, Otaniemi campus, Feb 27-March 2, 2014

Antti Puisto

Active Particles in Fluid Flows

Mariehamn, May 27-30, 2014

Santo Fortunato

Interaction Networks and Collective motion in swarms, flocks and crowds

Aalto University, Otaniemi campus, May 26-28, 2014

Adam S. Foster

Atomic structure of nanosystems from first-principles simulations and microscopy experiments

Helsinki-Stockholm ferry, June 3- 5, 2014

Risto Ilmoniemi 

TMS-EEG: Probing Brain Dynamics

Sannainen Manor, Sept 8-13, 2014

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