Factory Report: Towards Reality in Nanoscale Materials VI, 11-13 February, 2013



The Towards Reality in Nanoscale Materials VI workshop (trnm.aalto.fi/vi/) was the sixth in this annual series, although its origins can be traced to a meeting on wet chemical etching in Levi in 2006.foster_p3.jpg Each year the focus changes, with one key topic supported by the regular themes of defects and multiscale modelling, all under the umbrella of nanoscale materials. This year’s key topic was defects and adsorbates, and we had many contributions on this including invited titles such as Scanning Probe Spectroscopy of Individual Molecules on Thin Insulating Films’, and ‘Defect-induced magnetism in graphene’. Graphene, as expected, was a large topic at the meeting in general, but all the studies presented results in keeping with overall theme of towards reality.

In total we had more than 70 participants at the meeting, continuing the trend of increased numbers every year. The programme was split into 12 invited talks, 17 contributed talks and over 40 posters. In general the meeting was very lively, with good discussion during the presentations, coffee breaks and posters. The invited speakers came from all around the world and presented a very high level of research:

foster_p4.jpgAlongside the scientific programme, the social programme provided an important opportunity to meet colleagues in a relaxed environment. A particular highlight was the traditional Lappish conference dinner, including every part of the reindeer and several “Joiks”. Those braving the cold afterwards were rewarded with the Northern lights (we are at 40% observation chance during the history of TRNM). Foster_p5.jpgThis was also partnered with regular skiing, both cross-country and downhill, swimming and even snow safaris. More passive relaxation could be found in the saunas available in all the cabins every night. The Aalto Science Factory support was critical in making it a successful meeting and plans are already being made for TRNM VII in February 2014.


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